By Sean Maloney ‘22

“Kairos was something I never thought I needed. It was an amazing experience from the very first day I entered to the last,” said senior Alejandro Macias.

Last week, some students took part in Kairos 157. The retreat began on Wednesday, and the group returned home on Friday. Senior Nelson Lopez raved about his time on the retreat.

“K157 has changed my life and helped me become close with many others. I implore others to try it,” said Lopez.

After going for the first time this past year, Nelson hopes to lead a future Kairos retreat. Senior Manny Flores received that opportunity after going on Kairos 154 last year.

“Kairos was an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life. It helped me to get the closest I’ve ever been to God and strengthened my faith in Him,” said Manny Flores.

The next Kairos will be taking place in January. Many others who attended Kairos 157 are hoping to lead it.

Although Kairos usually consists of mostly seniors, some juniors choose to attend. One junior who got a lot out of Kairos 157 was Troy Bever.

“After attending Kairos, I could honestly say that my faith in God has been restored. I would like to thank everyone who went on this retreat for making that possible,” said Troy Bever.

Kids choose to go on Kairos for a variety of reasons. For some guys, it’s to strengthen their faith in Christ. For others, it’s to take a break from everyday life. Many attend the retreat just because of friends raving about their experiences on Kairos.