By Conor Glennon ‘20


Free will does exist. Free will allows one person to become who he or she desires to be. For many, that desire requires a religion – the choice of what to believe in.


As students at Brother Rice High School, most have adopted the Catholic belief system. Whether one attends church weekly, prays nightly, or wonders frequently, he is making that choice.


For many, taking advantage of their choice leads them down a religious path. This path is different for everybody. How one goes about his religious beliefs is rarely the same.


Many people choose to live a life acting manfully in Christ Jesus. These people choose to wake up every day and fulfill the dreams that once raced across Edmund Ignatius Rice’s mind. The most creative dreams, but also some of the most simple practices of the Catholic faith: being respectful, helping others, being selfless, and paving the way for those who will soon follow.


As members of this brotherhood, many Crusaders are interested in taking the next step in discovering their faith. For many, this is attending Kairos; but for seniors Tom Crane and Martin Sheehan, it was leading a Kairos retreat.


Becoming a leader is one way to take the next step in furthering your relationship with God.


 “I think my best attribute is leading by example and showing how the simplest of actions often make the biggest difference” said senior Tom Crane. “Another attribute of mine is being able to lead people without pushing them further than where they want themselves to be pushed. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”


Being a K150 leader helped Crane to fine-tune his leadership skills which will only benefit him in all future endeavors.


Senior Martin Sheehanfocused on helpin g fellow retreat members get the most out of their experience. He said, “I helped the adult leaders to make sure everything ran as smooth as possible so the candidates got as much out of it as possible.”


The choice is there. Whether you choose to make the people around you better, or just live life on your own terms. The choice is yours.