By Tommy Scott ‘24

Sunday, Feb. 25, was a special night at the “madhouse on Madison.” Patrick Kane returned to Chicago after being traded to the Detroit Red Wings earlier this season. The stands were packed to see this Chicago legend return.

Along with Kane’s return, Blackhawks hall of famer Chris Chelios was having his number retired. Chelios was one of the Blackhawk’s best defensemen during his time with Chicago and also won three Stanley Cups. Two were won with the Detroit Red Wings, and one was won with the Montreal Canadiens.

Senior Ryan Hartz said, “It was cool seeing the Blackhawks legends back in the stands to watch Chelios’ jersey get hung in the rafters. I also thought it was great seeing Chelios give a nod to the South Side.”

The game was full of action, with both teams scoring back and forth. At the end of the 3rd period, the score was tied 2-2, and the game went into overtime. During overtime, Patrick Kane got on a breakaway and scored to beat the Hawks. The crowd then responded with a standing ovation.

Senior Conor Kenzinger said, “It is very rare to see a player defeat the home team and receive a standing ovation. I am glad Chicago has not forgotten what Patrick Kane has done for this city.”

Patrick Kane had a decorated career in Chicago, winning three Stanley Cups and leading the team alongside Jonathon Toews.

Sophomore Joe Siegler said, “It was great seeing Kane and Chelios back in Chicago. They will go down in history as some of the best players the Blackhawks have ever seen.”

February 25 was a legendary night at the United Center and will be remembered forever as an example of what Chicago hockey is all about.