By Connor Leibforth ‘20


“Jesus is King” is Kanye West’s newest album released on Friday, Oct 26. In typical Kanye fashion this album was supposed to have been released weeks ago but kept being postponed.

“Jesus is King” is a gospel album and the theme is carried out in every single song. A powerful intro from the Sunday Service Choir sets the tone to the whole album.

I thought this was another good album from Kanye. Senior John “Ronan” Dolan said, “Overall the album was enjoyable, however, I felt that some of the songs should have been a little longer.” With there only being 11 songs, most of which last under three minutes, the album seems to be a little short.

My favorite song on this album at the moment is “God Is.” This song, with its slower beat, great backup vocals, and great message of what God means to Kanye, makes it my number one. This song gives me similar vibes as Kanye’s song “Ghost Town” from his 2018 album “ye.”

Senior Louie Stepanek said, “Overall it’s hard to pick one song from such a good album, but I think my personal favorite would have to be “Follow God.” A classic Kanye West soul beat paired with probably the best verse on the album lyrically, it’s everything you can ask for on a gospel-themed album.”

Another great song on the album is “Everything We Need” but not only for Kanye’s vocals, but the features on the song. Mt. Carmel senior Kevin Hayes said, “I think this is one of the better songs on the album. I enjoy the Ty Dolla $ign feature.” Having a feature singer on a song adds another dimension to it.

“Jesus is King” is a very typical Kanye album that people can come to expect. It’s a solid album with great vocals and beats. It is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t done so yet. I’m glad that the album is finally out, and I will definitely be listening to it more in the future.