By Nick Cipriani ‘21

As the 2020 school year ended in such an unexpected fashion, the seniors from Brother Rice left without much attention. Now as graduated Crusaders, they are spreading across the country and pursuing new goals.

In an effort to catch up with them, I talked with a handful of old friends.

We discussed their college preparation and transition. Also, they described the COVID-19 impact on their universities. These young adults gave some advice for our 2021 seniors.

Tommy Crane: Tommy is a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is studying business while also working two jobs. When describing his recent college transition,

Tommy said, “Brother Rice prepared me both academically and socially to be happy and successful in college.” Although COVID-19 has limited interaction, he is excited to meet so many new people from many different places.

Tom gave some advice to the 2021 seniors: “Study hard but enjoy every day with your friends at Brother Rice, because something crazy might happen that’ll take all of it away in an instant.”

Jack Dejarld: Jack is currently enrolled at the University of Miami at Ohio and is a member of the football program. He claims his transition to college was smooth due to the time management skills he learned at Brother Rice.

Jack said, “COVID-19 has affected my move-in date and football experience so far. It also has made making new friends much more difficult as COVID limits social life on a college campus.” Finally, Jack said that 99th and Pulaski is truly a unique and special place.

Connor King: Connor is a student at the University of Indiana Bloomington. Connor explained how the pandemic has delayed his full college experience. All the mask-wearing and restriction of large groups doesn’t feel normal to him.

Connor said, “Brother Rice has done a great job of preparing their students for college and that is one thing I am very fortunate about. Another thing is how to talk to an adult. Brother Rice has taught me discipline and what it’s like to treat an adult with respect.” Also, Connor advised the 2021 seniors to keep going and never give up. We may face adversity, but we must respond and keep going.

Jack Payton: Jack Payton attends the University of Louisville as a member of the baseball team. He describes the transition to college as easy due to his Brother Rice preparation.

Jack said, “My favorite thing about college is how you are able to do everything on your own but are guided doing it.”

Also, Jack gave some advice for future college freshmen. He said, “Once you get to college, unpack your bags and do not go home every weekend, and still keep in touch with your parents.” Next spring, Jack will be representing the Brother Rice baseball program while wearing a red and white Louisville jersey.

Jim McGuire: Jim is currently enrolled at the Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is involved in intramural softball and the finance association. His favorite thing about college so far is meeting new people and experiencing what his university has to offer.

Jim said, “Brother Rice prepared me to think critically and be a well-rounded student. My advice would be to enjoy the little time left you have with your friends and take advantage of all that Rice offers.” Jim was very involved at Rice, and he encouraged young Crusaders to do the same.

The Crusader community supports these young adults as they begin a new chapter in their lives. They will forever bleed maroon and orange.