By Nicholas Currier ‘20

The Brother Rice lacrosse program is excited to prove themselves this year.

There is a lot of energy and heart in the team this year. Many fresh faces have an opportunity to make something for themselves whereas many of the older players want to leave behind their legacy.

Coach Luke said, “Despite our low numbers, I think our team has a great chance to win some games this season. We have a lot of heart and some younger players with outstanding potential. With the seniors being excellent examples, I think this season will be a shock to those who doubt or squad.”

In seasons past, the team has progressed to new heights every year. With every practice and meeting we have, the more we are ready to advance into the season.

Aidan O’Connor, a junior, said, “This season is sure to be an interesting one for us. We have a whole new defense and a slightly experienced midfield compared to years past. Our attackmen have lots of experience playing on the varsity level but overall we are a young program.”

Lacrosse is more than just the game. It has always been like that. We grow closer each and every day. The seniors graduate every year with high expectations for those that have to fill their roles as leaders, captains, teammates, and friends.

Mike Gradolf, a senior, said, “Lacrosse has been an outstanding experience for me at Rice. Meeting everyone on the team has helped grow bonds that I will never forget. I feel that lacrosse has helped me grow a lot as a student and as a person. Even though the program hasn’t had the most attendance, it has always been a blast with everyone here. Small squad, big heart.”

As a senior this year too, I expect great things to happen this year and look forward to the future for the Brother Rice lacrosse program.