By Kevin Worthy ‘24

Many students are scared to go on Kairos or even think about going. Kairos is a great benefit to many. Not only has Kairos affected me, it has affected many of my friends.

Brotherhood is huge at Brother Rice, and it is one of the main reasons why it functions so well. The brotherhood at Rice is special because you see the same kids every day and create bonds with each other.

However, many kids are shy or quiet because they don’t feel as if they could make friends. Going on Kairos can allow you to open up to many new faces. Kairos creates a very special brotherhood.

Junior Danny Tait said, “Going on Kairos for me was weird at first, but I immediately knew this was gonna be special. I am glad to call K167 my brothers.”

There are four Kairos retreats throughout the year, so I encourage everyone who is a junior or senior next year to go. You may hate it now, but going on it won’t hurt anyone.

Junior Jimmy Crane said, “Being able to get closer with kids I would never think to talk to is nice. I am not a very outgoing person so being able to go on the retreat definitely felt good.”

Many have heard that you can’t talk about Kairos to anyone who hasn’t gone. When people ask me what you do, I say, “When you go, whatever energy you put in, is going to be the exact same as what you get out of it.”

Senior Xavier Davenport said, “The feeling when we first got there was completely different when we left. Leaving the retreat opened up my eyes to many different things now. Kairos was definitely a highlight of my high school experience.”