By Brian Jeffers ‘22

March Madness is a single elimination tournament hosted by the NCAA each year. The tournament starts with 68 different colleges, and 4 different regions. After each round, when a team loses, they are eliminated.

Sixty-eight teams start off in the tournament because 8 teams face off against each other to make the last seed in each region of the bracket. These games are played before the tournament even starts.

The first round consists of 64 teams. After round 1, only 32 teams advance. The second round is known as the Round of 32. There are 16 games played in the second round, and only 16 teams move on.

After the round of 32, the sweet 16 begins, eight games are played, then only eight teams advance.

The fourth round is called the Elite 8. There are four games played in the Elite 8 and the four winners of each game move on to the final four teams in the tournament.

The last two teams face off in the finals to become champions of one of the biggest tournaments in the world.

Last year in 2021 March Madness, the Baylor Bears walked away with an 86-70 victory over the Gonzaga Bulldogs.

Baylor’s coach Scott Drews said, “We’ve been motivated all year”… “Our upperclassmen have showed leadership  and played with culture of joy.”

Coach K apologizes to fans after Duke loses to UNC before March Madness. Coach K said, “this was unacceptable.”


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