By Seamus Hanley ´24

Most Holy Redeemer hosted another very successful rib cookout contest. Many faces of Brother Rice, including Coach Lyons, Mr. Alberts, and Mr. Nye were some of the official judges of the contest.

Some familiar faces were present. My dad, Brendan Hanley, was on the team “Smoke of the Irish,” which placed 10th this year out of 40 teams. He has been doing rib cooking contests for the past 5 years and loves to grill for my family. “It was a fun day for me and my buddies,” he said, as he was content with the results.

Although the contest was hosted by Most Holy Redeemer Parish, it seemed like fathers from St. Catherine of Alexandria ran the contest. Including my dad, three parents from St. Catherine’s came in the top 10; one person took seventh, and the other took first.

It was an absolute beatdown, proving yet again that the Chargers overpower the Raiders. Senior Eddie Maloney, however, thinks differently: “I love food, and MHR is on top. Always has been, and always will be.” He’s entitled to his opinion, though, even if it’s wrong.