By Jacob Harden ‘24

President Joe Biden’s open border policy is extremely controversial, splitting people between whether or not all migrants should be allowed into the country without proper documents. However, one of the biggest surprises is that the migrants are beginning to return home.

Many migrants leave their homeland for multiple reasons such as poverty, joblessness, unsafe living conditions. However, the migrants are beginning to leave the United States because of the same reason. The freezing weather conditions of the northern states are too much for many of the migrants. Some are also having trouble enrolling their children into school.

Multiple students have heavy opinions on this topic. Senior Marcos Martinez said, “It is ironic that they travel all this way just to turn back.”

Many of the migrants are reporting that “The American dream doesn’t exist anymore”, showing how much they believed that they could start a life in America, only to be disappointed by the lies they were told.

Sophomore Lucian Montesdeoca said, “It’s pretty sad, and it shows the current state of where we are now.”

The incredible irony is shown when not even the immigrants who came here from complete poverty would rather move back to where they were before, back into complete poverty.

Source: Fed-up migrants who trekked thousands of miles to US already heading home: ‘American Dream doesn’t exist’