By Jimmy Hogan ‘22

The Major League Baseball Players Association was in negotiations with the MLB for a while. The lockout was long-lasting and a drag. This lockout affected our fans the most.

Jack Lausch, a baseball player at Brother Rice said “I am happy that the players and owners came to an agreement and that baseball is back. It is going to be a really great season.”

Many fans were excited about baseball coming back but some fans were upset that the lockout pushed back the season once again. Baseball will not have a full season this year and will have to be shortened. This frustrates many fans who anticipated a full season after the pandemic.

Baseball fans across the world now refuse to ever attend the games or purchase season tickets.

Many question the aspect of how these players did all of this for two hundred thousand dollars when most are playing for millions of dollars but some do disagree, however.

Senior Colin Ashley said “I thought that the MLB lockout was the best move the players could have made. The players realized what they wanted, and it ended up in an agreement, which means we’ll have baseball back again.”

They have settled on an agreement, and it is awesome to see that baseball is back.

This agreement was made before a lot was expected and many do look forward to the season. The Chicago baseball community is back and the Southside is excited about the Sox return.

Senior Danny Curran said, “I think it’s great that it is over. I think everyone feels this way. Going to be an exciting year to watch the White Sox dominate and an exciting year for baseball as a whole.”

No matter the way fans look at it even with the delayed season, baseball has made its return and it will be exciting to see our favorite players back on the field again.