By Nicholas Currier ‘20

With just one roll of the dice, you could see yourself wealthy or poor.

Monopoly is a board game currently published by the company Hasbro. The goal of the game is to be as wealthy as you can and for your opponents to go bankrupt.

This game is a lot of fun but can cause lots of anger between friends.

When talking about playing with me, Senior Mike Kinnerk said, “I have yet to finish a game with you. One of us flips the board before we finish. It is fun up until that point.”

No two games of Monopoly are the same. Many players have created “house rules” to make the game more fair or more fun.

For my family, we made the rule that any time you were taxed or had to pay a fee that the money would go in the middle, and whoever landed on free parking would get the money.

There are hundreds of editions now. There are Classic editions, Star Wars, Avengers, Pokemon, Fortnite, and many more! Each new version has a few new rules or game changers but the game is still played the same.

My older brother Adam said, “If you play a board game in college, watch who you play with. Engineers are pretty good at Jenga, doctors are good at Operation, and business majors are good at Monopoly. I joke, but if you watch a business major play Monopoly, you will go bankrupt very quickly.”