By Frankie Mesec ‘20

The time of year everyone looks forward to and stresses over for perfection.

The Mother/Son Dance.

If you mess something up or even miss it, it’s off with your head.

I am lucky enough to have survived missing my freshman year’s dance. Thank you ski trip!

Since it is my last year to go to the dance with my mom, I wanted to treat her right. I wanted to take her out to dinner before the dance and have her surrounded by some of her friends.

The more happy she is, the less likely I will die from a sad mother.

The first thing we did was go eat at Palermo’s with the Olivos and Przybylskis. We all got a pizza to share before the dance, so we wouldn’t starve while we danced.

Palermo’s added more class to our night. The place was fancy, and the food was good.

Vincent Przybylski, a senior who was at the restaurant, said, “I thought Palermo’s was good all around.” When Vincent says good all around, he means by the food and the environment for before the dance.

After the moms were satisfied with food, we went to the dance. I’d survived thus far.

When we got to the dance, the first thing we did was meet up with our group and take mother/son photos. I’m not going to lie – I think our photo turned out really good.

My mom wasn’t the happiest with my style, but I think the Blues Brothers look was a good one on me. After the photo was taken, she really was happy with it.

Finally, we got on the dance floor, where we were welcomed to the cha-cha slide and a slow dance. This was the longest cha cha slide I’ve heard; I felt like it was a trap.

By the end of the night, only band kids were left. I was able to get into a small circle and do a worm and splits for everyone. For the last song, all the band kids formed a circle to sing “Country Road,” the last song.

I had fun at the dance. I was able to dance with my mom, while having fun with my friends.

My mom said, “The Mother/Son Dance is my favorite occasion at Brother Rice.  So special to dance with my son, meet his friends and their mothers and even enjoy dinner out before the dance.”

I think this right here says that I did good on another dance and get to live to tell the tale.

My mom also said, “I have to admit, the past two years were much more lively.  Music from this century would be a great start. People left an hour before the end, which was sad.  Great tradition, wonderful memories!”

Alex Cickowicz, a freshman at the dance, said, “The dance was pretty fun, especially seeing everyone that you knew there. Hanging out with them also gives your mom a chance to meet your friends’ moms.”

Jose Villarruel, a sophomore at the dance, said, “I think last year was definitely better music wise. The Mother/Son Dances are always really fun from start to end. You get to relax, socialize with your friends, and make your mom happy. And moms get to socialize with other moms.”

Overall, it seems like everyone loves bringing his mom to the dance and have their own traditions. Without all the jokes about dying, I really love taking my mom to the dance, and she always loves spending time with me there.

I’m happy the tradition is there, and I hope it keeps going in the future.