By David Wolf ‘19

How much does your mom do for you? On Saturday Jan. 20, the Brother Rice Dad’s club gave sons the chance to show their love for their mothers. Moms and their sons danced the night away with a fun night filled with dancing and great music.

Most couples started the night with a meal at Baraccos, Palermo’s, or they kept it simple and hosted a before party.

Student and loving son, Patrick McGann, hosted a before party with pizza and wings. McGann said, “I think my mom deserved a little time to mingle with other moms before the dance, so hosting a get together before the dance helped the moms catch up and talk about our futures, especially as senior year begins to wind down.”

The music at the dance was better than most dances, especially for the setting and kind of the dance. It ranged from classic rock music from the 80s to current day rap and pop songs.

Senior Matt Murnane said, “The music had a lot of variation. I wasn’t thrilled to hear songs from the 1970’s, but I began to enjoy them once I heard a few songs from today’s collection.” During the dance, the disc jockey even played an instrumental version of the ever so popular “Mo Bamba” while the sons enthusiastically provided the words.

As the night came to an end, the DJ dedicated songs to each class. The mothers of freshmen, sophomores and juniors all danced knowing they have a few more dances ahead of them. However, this was a meaningful time for senior moms. This was their final slow dance with their young man at Rice. Many of the moms danced around with smiles and laughter as their sons spun and tried to dip them.

After the last song, sons grabbed their mother’s coats and pictures they took before the dance. This year’s dance was a complete success and helped everyone present start 2019 off on the right foot.