By Martin Loughney ‘20

The Mother-Son Mass is one of the most dreaded days of the year for me, behind the Mother Son Dance that was “cancelled” for this year.

I don’t dislike the mass because I don’t like mass; it’s because of the millions of pictures that you have to take for it. You spend more time taking pictures than you are in mass.

The crazy thing is that my two brothers that also attend Brother Rice were not forced to go, but I was.

Other than that, the mass was a great time overall. Father Litek gave a really good sermon. The food afterwards was surprisingly really good. My favorite part was the potatoes.

Senior Tom Devine said, “The mass was a really great time! I loved meeting everybody’s mom, and it was a really enjoyable experience.”

Senior Dan Hackett, “The mother son mass was a great experience for me and my mom. I’ve been attending these masses since freshman year and it is an experience that I will miss.”