By Jimmy Hogan ‘22

In September, the Brother Rice Mothers Club hosted the annual mum sale. The Mothers Club does very good work for the school and the mum sale is a big part of it.

Many people from across the neighborhood lined up to purchase mums for the support of Brother Rice. Students helped the moms unload the truck and give out flowers to the generous customers.

The money raised from the mum sale was reinvested back into the school. Many people do not know about the work the Mothers Club does for Brother Rice High School.

Senior Pat Galeher helped move the flowers: “The Mothers club does great work at the school and it was great to help them out. Many hands make little work.”

The mothers involved with this club who helped with the mum sale are dedicated to the school. They are very passionate about Brother Rice.

Mother’s Club member Liz Hogan said, “The flower sale was a success! We had so many volunteers who helped with this project.

Mom Jamie Galeher said, “It was awesome to sell flowers for the benefit of Brother Rice.”

The Mothers Club continues to do great work for Brother Rice. All of the Mothers Club works and proceeds go to Brother Rice. Many people around the Brother Rice Community do not realize the amount of work the moms put in.