By Luke Onoroto ‘20

The 2019 school year marked a big change for Brother Rice’s faculty and staff, bringing plenty of new names and faces to the school.

A particular newcomer to Brother Rice that deserves some attention would be Mr. Brendan Couglan.

Mr. Coughlan is a new math teacher for the school and, more importantly, the teacher for our aerospace engineering class, one of Rice’s most prestigious classes. He previously taught classes at St. Rita before coming to (the much better) Brother Rice.

When asked how he feels about the change of a new school Mr. Coughlan said, “It’s great; it’s like slipping on a pair of old comfortable shoes. It feels good to be back” referring to how he had taught at Brother Rice 20 years in the past.

Mr. Coughlan boasts a degree in aerospace engineering, making him the perfect fit for teaching the class. He shows his prowess in the subject through his teaching in class.

Senior Jim Maguire said “The class is awesome. Mr. Coughlan really gives us the freedom to be creative when making designs.”

Mr. Coughlan also commented on the engineering program himself. He said, “I feel like we have an opportunity to make a major improvement. The new engineering staff has a lot of experience and we have more hands on deck this year.”

He also mentioned the beginning of the year was difficult for the program as he had to hit the ground running, but he is happy that the staff is larger this year than it previously has been.

It is safe to say that we have a lot to look forward to with this new teacher, and we are happy to have a new face for such an instrumental program at Brother Rice.