By Martin Loughney ‘20

The Mt. Greenwood Park District is having its annual basketball intramural league for high school students. The games are held on Wednesday afternoons, and many Brother Rice students are currently participating in this league.

The Mt. Greenwood league has been letting kids enjoy the sport of basketball without having to be a part of an organized league.

The league always has extremely energetic crowds, because kids who have nothing to do flock to the games.

The league has over twenty teams, however the most outstanding team in the league this year is manned by five Brother Rice seniors. They are Charlie Fitzgerald, Bill O’Connell, Luke Whirity, Nick Reidy, and Jimmy Maguire. Their team’s name is called the Mob. The Mob has been undefeated so far.

The Mob is a very entertaining team to watch, not only for their basketball skills, but they also have a fun time on the court as well. You can tell that their team chemistry is very good as they often joke around and have fun on the court, while still working together as a team to win the game.

The stand out player on the team is Jimmy Maguire. Jimmy Maguire averages twenty points a game.

When I asked why he enjoys playing in the Mt. Greenwood league, Jimmy Maguire said, “I love the energy that the crowds give off, and I love how I can play the game of basketball again, after stopping sophomore year.”

Senior Luke Whirity said, “I enjoy playing in the league because I get to represent my neighborhood, Mt. Greenwood, and school well by crushing our competition.”

The Mob has Nick Reidy positioned as the point guard, Luke Whirity as shooting guard, Charlie Fitzgerald and Bill O’Connell as forwards, and Jimmy Maguire, the big man, as the center.

“Our team is unstoppable because we all work together and move the ball around, our communication is our specialty and helps us to win games. It takes me back to when we all played together sophomore year,” said forward Bill O’Connell.