By Adam Homel ’21

My four years at Brother Rice High School are almost over. This is the seniors’ last week at school and we graduate on May 20.

Just thinking about that, I am glad I enrolled into Brother Rice and I wouldn’t have changed my decision if I was given the chance to. Brother Rice helped me form friendships where I could call my friends my brothers.

It helped me form these friendships through bike rides to Marist for a football game, pep rallies for homecomings, in class having fun with my classmates, in the Crusader Crazies and getting wild, and being a part of activities Rice has to offer.

But the most important thing about Rice is how the faculty and staff helped me become the Crusader I am today. Freshman year, the first teacher I met was Mr. Dunne because of football; he was a great person and gave me the push I needed to exceed in my classes and to help more at home. Mr. Creed, my counselor, also taught me to do better and taught me more about the school; he helped me find my confidence to make new friends. They left a mark for me to remember and I am glad to have met them throughout my four years.

Brother Rice doesn’t only offer those two amazing people; it also offers Mr. Vogt, Mr. McAuliffe, Ms. Pacetti, Mrs. England, Ms. Donnelly, Bro Hayes, Mr. Molenda, Mr. Dwyer, Mr. Alberts, Mr. Prunckle, Mrs. Carbol, etc.

These amazing people are the people that will help you through school, but also through life. They want you to become the best Crusader you can be, not only in school but also out of school, too. This is why I chose Rice; the faculty and staff care about your grades, but they also care about who you will be in the future and they will want to help you become a better Crusader.

Brother Rice helped me form life-long friendships. Even though my four years at Rice were limited due to COVID, I am glad to call this place my second home and I am thankful for everyone it brought into my life.  I couldn’t have asked for more.

The motto for Brother Rice is “Act Manfully in Christ Jesus” and I will always live by that motto. I hope to become a role model to the younger generations like my teachers and coaches were to me.