By Ryan Creevy ‘19

It felt like only yesterday that I stepped through the front doors of Brother Rice, ready to join the other incoming freshman for orientation. I remember this day like I just recently experienced it, for many different reasons. When I entered the north gym to prepare for the upcoming orientation, I saw many of my grade school friends talking to each other, but no one else. I walked over to them and said hello, but then did something that even today surprises me.

I decided to walk around the gym and try and meet some new people early. I was not a shy kid in grade school, but I certainty was not very outgoing, so doing this was out of the ordinary for me. However, I am glad I did this because it will be a moment that I remember forever. This was the day that I met most of my friends from the past four years, and I instantly created a bond with people who I am still lucky to call my friends today.

Now, in less than a week, my time at Brother Rice will end. A few months ago, I thought to myself that I still had a lot of time left at Rice, and that it would go by slowly. I was unfortunately wrong, and that time flew by.

My senior year has gone by the fastest of all my four years. I remember walking into my new classes for the first time and being excited while also nervous. From classes such as anatomy to journalism, this year has had some of my favorite classes over the last four years at Rice.

I have many fantastic memories from my senior year. One of my favorite memories from this year is the football teams’ journey to state and going to the University of Illinois for their final game. I got to spend my final football game at Brother Rice with all my friends and had an amazing time.

Another great memory I have of my senior year was when Marquise Kennedy scored a buzzer beater against TF South to win the game. When this happened, the Crusader Crazies went crazy and we all ran onto the court. This was one of the highlights of my four years at Brother Rice and a moment that I will never forget.

These were not the only great memories, though. There were many smaller moments in classes, such as dissecting a pig in anatomy and writing reviews for our school newspaper. However, I will remember senior year the most for the people and the experiences I have had with them. I have met many new people this year and will stay friends with them for a long time.

Now, as I am writing this article, thinking about all of these memories that made me love Brother Rice, I realize that many of the things that people told me would happen in high school have come true, especially senioritis and finals being horrible.

All jokes aside, there are many things I have learned during my experience at Rice that I think every underclassman should know and follow.

First, make sure to branch out and make new friends as fast as possible. This will be a huge plus and will make freshman year a lot less stressful.

Second, do not blow off any class and try your hardest. Like many people, I thought that freshman and sophomore year did not really matter, and they really, really do. Keeping up good grades will keep your life good.

Last, but certainly not least, live every day at Brother Rice like it is your last in high school. Go to games. Join clubs. Make a ton of new friends. Never take a day for granted, because before you know it, your four years in high school will be over.