By Cameron Slavin ‘23

Brother Rice’s homecoming dance is set for October 15. It will be from 7-10 p.m. The theme of the dance will be Hollywood. Since this is my last homecoming dance, all of my friends and I will definitely be going.

I’ve gone to every homecoming dance during my time at Brother Rice, and it has been a blast each time. After every dance, there is an after party which is one of my favorite parts of the night. The pictures and memories from homecoming will last a lifetime.

During the week of homecoming, students are able to dress down according to each day’s theme. For this year, the daily themes will be jersey day, pajama day, regular dress down, beach day, and spirit wear day. In order to dress down for the week you must pay $5. Many of my fellow classmates think it should be free. The seniors are lucky to have a day off during the week because the rest of the school will be taking the PSAT.

On the day of the game there will be a pep rally hosted in the south gym. Pep rallies are a great way to pump up the team and get the whole school excited. This year’s pep rally will consist of competitions between the students and the teachers. I really hope to be selected for these games. My freshman year homecoming pep rally was the best. There was a wrestling ring with wrestlers fighting. On top of that, Mr Creed went in the ring and won a match.

For this year’s homecoming game, the football team will be playing Marian Catholic at 7:30 p.m. on the Friday before the dance. I think this will be an interesting matchup because Brother Rice’s starting running back, Randall Nauden, will be going up against his former team.

If a student wants to attend homecoming, he must wear a shirt and tie with dress shoes. There is also a fee of $25 per person. This year’s dance will finally be moved back into the south gym. This is much more convenient and what many students wanted. Even though it was easier to cool down outside of the cafeteria last year, the gym is where it’s meant to be.

A date is not required for the first time in school history. I think this a good idea because this means more students can attend.

On the other hand, asking a girl to the dance makes the night more fun. Everyone is a fan of the grand gestures you can use to ask your date. Many people just send a text, but some still perform interesting gestures like huge signs or proposing in front of a crowd.

A major problem with homecoming is time management. Many students end up asking their date last minute. Hopefully, you already have a date by now. You should start thinking about the corsage you are going to buy your date and what’s going to be your matching color. The boutonniere I receive from my date sadly gets lost   upon entering the mosh pit, so if this is your first dance, protect your boutonniere.

I will try to make the best out of this year’s homecoming dance. All this talk about homecoming makes me even more excited for prom in May. Wow, I wish my senior year would slow down!