By Anthony Lundy ‘21

Looking back on my time here at Brother Rice, I have been waiting my whole high school career to become a senior. Watching them as a freshman, seeing them being leaders of the school was so cool to me. Four years later, I am sitting here being that leader but wanting to go back in time to restart my Rice journey.

The time I spent here has been the best four years of my life. I will never take any of these moments for granted, and I will always appreciate everything anyone has ever done for me.

As we are approaching the end of the year, I realize that I really made it. There are no more Wojos after school, cookies at lunch, and most importantly, there are no more Crusader Crazies for me. When they say “the little things mean the most,” I never really understood that until my time at Rice has come to an end.

I will forever appreciate the faculty and staff that pushed me to be where I am at today as a person – from Mr. Rolence stressing the importance of the ACT, Mr. Vogt having a strong bond with his students, and Ms. Pacetti teaching me that putting in hard work really does pay off.

For anyone who is looking for an answer on why to come to Rice, here’s mine: Brother Rice is a whole different atmosphere than any other school and will shape you into the best version of yourself that you can be. Rice brings you many opportunities that you would not receive anywhere else.

I think my freshman year lunch table will be some of my closest friends for the rest of my life. Every day we played foosball hockey and grew a bond so early on that we are the best of friends still today.

I think looking back on my four years overall, nothing will ever top being a Crusader Crazy. At every game the Crazies bring the most electrifying energy you will ever see. I have spent the best moments of my life being a Crazy, from Marquise Kennedy’s game winner to beating Marist at sectionals, and even competing at the state finals for football.

High school comes and goes way faster than people give it credit. It is crazy to admit that I will be starting over again next year as a freshman in college. The senior class this year has been thrilling to be a part of and I wish nothing but the best for the boys. I will never forget a single kid because we all grew close with one another as the years went on.

As we wrap up the last week of school, I will be soaking in the fact that this is it for me. The pain I feel knowing that I will be grabbing my diploma and leaving the school forever brings tears to my eyes.

Seeing my teachers for the last time will always be a struggle because those were honestly some of the closest people you had at the school, but saying goodbye to the boys for college will never sit right with me, either.

I am proud to have walked the halls these four years and I will be more proud to come back as a visitor whenever I am able to. My time here may be gone as a student, but I will forever be an alumnus and that is something I will always be proud of.