By Garrett Greene ‘21

As an eighth grader, I was very skeptical about where I wanted to go to high school. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to go to Marist, Brother Rice, or St. Laurence for the next four years. I ultimately decided to go to Brother Rice after being convinced by my fellow classmates at St. Linus.

Now as a graduating senior, I look back and realize that this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. At Brother Rice, I made lots of memories, learned life lessons, and met people who I will never forget.

Brother Rice allowed me to excel academically and athletically. The amount of personal attention each student receives is unlike any other school and is a big reason for the high rate of success here. The great coaching staff taught me the importance of teamwork, dedication, and hard-work.

The great people and mentors at Brother Rice helped me reach my goal of becoming a college basketball player, and I will be forever grateful.

One of the most important lessons I learned is to always have fun. When I first came to Brother Rice, I was a nervous freshman who would always worry about my classes and school work. I learned over the years that having fun with your friends throughout the school day makes the day go by faster, and you rarely stress over what goes on during class.

Another important lesson I learned was that your parents, teachers, and coaches are always right. If they tell you to do something or try to correct you, listen to them. There is no reason to talk back or argue because it will only lead to trouble.

Lastly, if I could give advice to my freshman self it would be to try new things. Throughout my four years here, I played basketball, participated in Edmund Rice Camp, and joined the National Honor Society. Looking back, I wish I had joined the fishing club and played volleyball.