By Brendan Arnold ‘23

When looking up the definition of “brother,” you get “a male associate or fellow member of an organization.” To me, this is the definition of high school here at Brother Rice. The friends you make and bonds with teachers are one of a kind. This school not only has taught me the right morals about life, but it also showed me what it means to be a true brother of Edmond.

The time I have spent at Brother Rice is something I will forever be grateful for in my life. I still remember my first day of school like it was yesterday, especially senior year. This year by far flew by the most.

Friday night lights with the boys on 99th will forever be missed. I can still remember the feeling of when we knocked off a very tough Jacobs team who everyone in the state thought we would have lost to. Or the most memorable game against Joliet Catholic. Man, was that a dog fight. Watching Owen Lyons ‘23 making that amazing one hand grab for the win gives me chills to this day.

But what I am going to miss the most about my senior year is the connection I made with my brother this year.

Seeing him in the hallways between 5th and 6th period is memorable to me. “Brotha what is up! You heading to Maple Syrup’s class right now?” Every day since the beginning of this year, I yelled this out to him, and I continued to do so even though he was not going to Maple’s class. This little one minute interaction I have with him every day in the halls will forever make me sob.

What I have learned from this year compared to the rest of them is taking nothing for granted and living in the moment. Remember all the laughs I have made in the classrooms. All the life lesson talks I have had with teachers. But even more, live with what is in front of me.

I owe it all to the teachers here at Brother Rice for making me care about little things like this. Bro Hayes, Mr. Maple and Ms. Spaghetti  truly made my senior year special, and for this I thank them even more. They have made my senior year something I will reflect on forever. Thank you, Brother Rice.