By David Wolf ‘19

When asked, most students generally say they cannot wait to graduate from high school. This is not the case for me.

I am unsure if it is because of my teachers, schedule, or classmates, but Brother Rice has been and always will be a home for me.

The beginning of senior year is no walk in the park. Listen to what Mr. Creed and all the other counselors tell you about the common app, transcripts, and deadlines.

Finding time to sit down and complete my applications was very difficult considering I participated in a sport that had about three hour practices every day during primetime college application season. Thankfully, my Sundays were usually open, so I spent my only free day working on college apps.

Do not be afraid of rejection, because it will happen. The top kids in the class will get deferred or rejected from some schools.

A great way to escape from all of this mayhem during the fall is by going to football games on Friday nights. I was on BRTV GameDay as a producer, so the student section was not for me, however, go crazy because every game might be the last one you go to as a student. Everyone in the Class of 2019 can probably agree that this year’s football team made being a Crusader Crazy one of their best memories from Rice.

Along with football, the homecoming dance is a must. No one regrets going to this dance because it is a time to relax and dance with friends. If someone thinks they are a bad dancer, they embrace it and dance horribly. They still have a great time because it is a dance with their buddies.

Along with making tighter bonds with friends at dances and events, get to know the teachers more. The bonds built with teachers will help in the college applications, or even into college.

Specifically, my friendliness with Mr. Swynenburg grew this year. He and I ran together the entire track and field season. He even taught me how to pole vault, something only a handful of kids at Rice have ever been alright at.

Even though those are all athletic things, I know that when I am in a calc class next year,        Mr. Swynenburg is just a phone call away to help me.

Most importantly, plan prom out early!

My experience with prom this year was rather simple because my group had prom figured out by early April. However, a lot of people were scrambling to find rides, after parties, pictures, and other things a couple weeks before, which is way too late.

Brother Rice has prepared me for success in the future. While right now it seems unbelievable, the curriculum offered at this school sets students up for achieving great things.