By Tom Golon ‘22

Everyone always tells you how fast your high school years will fly by, but nobody seems to comprehend how fast it will actually go until it has gone.

Playing soccer was always my favorite sport as a child, and this year I played in my last soccer game ever. It was the only sport that I played for all four years at Brother Rice. The sport taught me a lot of things and definitely contributed to my growth as an athlete and a student. Thanks to great coaches along the way, soccer had a large impact on my life and I will never forget the memories.

I will never forget all of the Friday nights I spent under the lights in the bleachers, chanting and screaming for our football team. Being a part of the Crusader Crazies was like nothing I have experienced before, and I am so grateful to say I was a Crazy for my four years at Brother Rice. Although we came up short this year. it was an unforgettable ride and everyone was so proud of them.

I am going to miss the environment at home basketball games, the way all of the Crazies were crammed into a small section and how close we were to the players on the court. Going to hockey games was a new experience for me this year that proved to be very fun.

I think what I will miss the most is the little things; driving to and home from school with my friends each day, eating lunch every day with my friends, and the environment of every classroom I walked into. It is hard to believe that those days are over.

Brother Rice made me the person I am today. The people and the community will be in my heart forever.