By Martin Loughney ‘20

Many people, just like me, have problems sleeping and look for anything to help them fall sleep better at night. Therefore, when my Athletic Training teacher told me about his new weighted blanket, and how it helped to improve his sleep, I knew I had to try it. So, that night I went home and looked up youtube videos about weighted blankets, and they all said that it was proven to help you sleep better.

The research suggested that weighted blankets help you sleep better because it helps people feel more secure and comforted while they sleep. The reviews looked good, and everybody I asked who had one said that they were amazing. Therefore, that night I ordered a twenty-pound one off Amazon. The blanket was $60, very expensive for a blanket.

When the blanket was delivered to my house, I was shocked at how heavy it was. My whole family thought that I was crazy, and in hindsight I was. The blanket did more to hinder my sleep than to help.  I felt very claustrophobic under the blanket, and the weight of the blanket made it hard to roll over. Not to mention that it felt like it was suffocating me every time I put it on.

I would not recommend a weighted blanket to anyone. I wasted one and a half days of pay for that blanket to help me sleep better, and it had the opposite effect.