By Adam Homel ‘21

COVID is cancelling a lot of activities for high school students all over the world. This is why Brother Rice added Ultimate Frisbee, an outside sport that doesn’t involve a lot of contact. The club had its first meeting Oct. 21.

The first practice held 19 students all from different grades, giving everyone the opportunity to make new friends.

Louie Conn ‘21 said, “I joined Ultimate Frisbee because I think it’s a great sport to play. It is based on sportsmanship and I get a chance to make new friends from different grade levels.”

The Ultimate Frisbee club is led by Mr. Zielinski and Ms. Sullivan, a new teacher at Brother Rice this year. Ms. Sullivan played Ultimate Frisbee in college, and while this is Mr. Zielinski’s first time playing, he has been practicing to help newer players.

Mr. Zielinski said, “Thank Ms. Sullivan for starting ultimate frisbee, because at the first faculty meeting, her playing at U of I was brought up. I wanted the students to have more opportunities to make the most out of this strange semester.”

This is the first time Brother Rice got enough players to make an Ultimate Frisbee Club. They tried a while back, but not many students were able to join because of sports and other after-school activities.

Jake Gliva ‘21 said, “I am glad I joined Ultimate Frisbee because I met new people and I got to know more about my coaches. I am looking forward to playing in tournaments later in the season to show people what I can do.”

Ultimate Frisbee is trying to join tournaments in the second semester. A lot of players are playing for the first time, but they are ready to get to practice and win tournaments.