By Griffin Conners ‘22

Brother Rice is starting a new club this year called the Esports club. Right now there are around 12-14 students in the club and they plan on recruiting many more. The members in this club play various games on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.

Mateo Zarate, a member in the club, said, “We are focusing mainly on Rocket League and League of Legends as of right now until we grow the program.” The Esports club wants to build its program a lot.

Mateo said, “The future for right now is just getting more members. Eventually we’ll start playing other games like Smite and Madden, but for now we’re focusing on the two games we have. And we are looking into eventually getting a few PS4s in order to play Madden.”

The Esports Club will have a great program if they bring in PS4s. The club hopes to gain a more competitive reputation once more people join.

Mateo also believes they will be competing in the future. He said, “That’s the plan. We first need to climb the ranks of the schools before we start talking about championships and all of that.” Many of these members want to compete against other schools and there is a good chance this can happen as the program develops.

The Esports room is top tier due to the presence of LED lights, gaming chairs, computers, headsets, TV’s, and even couches. They even have an awesome logo for their club. Overall, the Esports Club at Brother Rice High School has a very bright future and many students will enjoy it.