By Alex Roche ‘20

What is improv?

Improv is the art of acting out a skit without a script or preparation.

Mr. Molenda and Ms. Donnelly are the teachers who will lead this club. The two together already had a liking for improv so they were the best option to expand this club to the best of their ability.

Ms. Donnelly said, “We’ve been to see Second City numerous times and have always enjoyed the quick wit and humor associated with improv, so when Tyler and Harrison approached us with the idea of a club, we agreed readily.”

Tyler Colander, the current president of the Improv Club, wanted to start doing improv after going to a performance at Harold L. Richards High School and wanted to start the same here at Brother Rice.

Harrison Morg, who is the vice president of the club said he joined the club because “With cross country and track season I was unable to do Drama Club. Improv Club was less of a commitment so I was able to join.”

“If you are  looking for a good source of comedy, improv could be the place for you,” said Frank Mesec, a senior.

The Improv Club will have its first meeting on Friday and will be ready to begin their creativity.