By Nicolas Hall ‘24

Big goals and plans are ahead for the senior class. Many have great New Year’s resolutions, such as planning a successful last semester. The seniors, including me, are excited for the final semester and what is to come.

Senior Jayson Polickey said, “This last semester of high school is going to be super fun, but I need to lock in. Although I have baseball and prom, I need to stay locked in for my academics. I have made the goal to succeed this last semester, and do well in baseball all while having fun.”

With all these fun events coming up, and just coming back from break, it may be hard for everyone to get back into school mode. Seniors need to make some New Year’s resolutions of finishing high school doing well, being good, and having fun.

Senior Sean Curran said, “I have big plans for my last semester. I am going to continue to get the grades I want. I am so excited for everything to come this last semester of high school. It is time to focus and also have fun throughout this fun year.”

It has not hit many that this is the last semester of our high school years. However, for some, it has, and they want to leave something behind for the underclassmen.

Senior water polo player, Bobby Gilligan, said, “My resolution for water polo is to get back to what I had last year. I look forward to setting a good example to underclassmen, especially my younger water polo teammates.”

Everyone should make some New Year’s resolutions and prepare for the final semester of the school year, and get past the “death quarter.”