By Tommy Scott ‘24

Brother Rice hosted its annual National Honors Society induction ceremony this past Sunday. The induction was led by seniors Owen McShane (Master of Ceremonies) and Eddie Maloney (NHS President). Beautiful speeches were also given by seniors Micheal Moonan, Nolan Navarette, Mikey Horan, and Alexander Lamantia. Mrs. Van Assen and Mr. Alberts also gave cords to senior members, tokens to junior members, and certificates to the inductees.

NHS President Eddie Maloney said, “I am happy the ceremony went well. Each year in this ceremony, we strive to stress the four qualities of NHS members: character, scholarship, service, and leadership. I believe everyone has displayed those throughout the year and hope we all will continue to in the future.”

The induction was a well-run ceremony and did a great job of making inductees feel welcomed into the NHS. Every inductee, along with new members, pledged to uphold his academic success and contribute to their community.

Member’s names were called, and a sense of pride could be seen on each member’s face as hethey shook Mr. Alberts’s hand and lit his candle. The lighting of the candle symbolizes igniting the passion in each member to carry out the values of the NHS.

Master of Ceremonies Owen McShane said, “I am happy to be a part of the National Honors Society, and I am glad I could give the inductees a warm welcome. The NHS induction builds a sense of camaraderie between members and I’m glad that’s something I can be part of.”

The NHS induction ceremony at Brother Rice celebrates our high-achieving students and their sense of belonging and brotherhood. This event is another example of what makes Brother Rice such a special place.