By George Raphael-McElroy ‘23

This past week, I finally attended Kairos. I finally stopped anticipating Kairos, and I am now a member of Kairos 163.

Kairos is such an amazing experience, and I think everyone should consider going on the trip – especially if you have been thinking about it…JUST GO.

Senior Daniel O’Brien said, “I feel like Kairos can really change your life if you are open to everything that happens on the trip. It really opened my eyes, and changed the way I viewed my life.”

Without giving anything about Kairos away, there are several different group activities that help you get to know each other better. You get to learn about others and grow close with people you may have never even got to talk to.

Senior Sean Mulcrone said, “When I went on Kairos, I wasn’t really expecting to get anything out of it, but now, I am so grateful for attending. I am even more grateful for the bonds that I made with my Kairos brothers.

For my Kairos I really did not know anyone. On most Kairos trips, there will be one that is mostly football players or hockey players but mine was a good mix. Everyone on it mostly had different backgrounds, interests, and life stories which really made the trip enjoyable.

I would like to thank Mr. Augustyn, Mr. Maple, and Mr. Daniels for getting us to become vulnerable as a group, which made us a family. I also would like to thank the student leaders who went on the trip; Jimmy Navarette, Diego Bahena, James Siegler, Billy Gaskin, Marty Ryan, and Nick Morrin. When they spoke to us throughout Kairos, student to student, that helped us be more open to Kairos.

Going on Kairos has definitely impacted my life and changed my ways of thinking, acting, and so much more. Kairos 163 will always have a special place in my heart, and so will everyone else who was a part of it. We are family.