By Martin Loughney ‘20

Ethan Williams, a senior at Brother Rice and a St. Catherine’s alumnus, is what you would call a go-getter. Not only does he take all honors classes, but he also runs his own lawn care business.

Ethan started his business cutting lawns in Oak Lawn during seventh grade. Back then, he was just cutting his neighbor’s lawns for some extra money, but he never expected his company to take off.

“It just happened,” Ethan said. Ethan now services over 100 different properties a week in the Oak Lawn area, at a rate of 25 to 35 dollars a property.

When his business expanded in 2016, Ethan did not get overwhelmed. Instead, he embraced it and reinvested into his company by buying a larger fleet of mowers, a trailer, and even a Ford F550 dump truck to help improve his business’ success.

After he returns home from school, instead of taking a nap or playing video games, Ethan gets to work and starts to mow lawns until 8 p.m. However, weekends are his busiest time. On weekends, Ethan works for 10 to 12 hours a day and mows the majority of his lawns.

When asked what was his favorite part of his job, Ethan said, “The interaction with his customers, and the satisfaction of knowing that I did my job well.”

Ethan plans to attend Saint Xavier University and continue his business throughout college. After college,  Ethan plans to join the Oak Lawn Police Department, to continue to serve the community that he loves.

For Ethan’s business, call: (708) 420-2718.