By Joshua Bruno ‘19

As the end of senior year slowly approaches, I would like to take this time and give a shout out to everyone’s favorite style guide: Associated Press.

This guide, written in in 1953 and frequently updated, causes either pleasure or pain for those who choose (or in The Standard’s case, forced) to use it. Its sole purpose of existence is for clarity and consistency while reporting.

Or so we would like to think.

As a departing senior, I just would like to use one of my last articles to write an ode to everyone’s favorite style guide.

Associated Press,

Where would us 30 journalism students be without you?

Always clear and straight to the point.

Unambiguous like my parents, Ayn Rand and Dick Durbin.


Pleasing some English teachers’ woes,

Split infinitives are generally not acceptable within your rules,

Except when they are.

So I just try my best clearly to report.


Having dived into this can of worms,

Everything will turn out OK.

Take a break and read the rules on food.

Learn about the foods sloppy Joes, Russian dressing and french fries.


Does anything of this ode make you irate?

It doesn’t matter, as in the end,

3-4 (75 percent) of students agree,

Pondering style is just part of journalism.