By Tommy Scott ‘24

The stadium was electric from kickoff to the last second of the Ole Miss vs. LSU game. Saturday night, Vaught Hemingway Stadium was packed. Over 60,00 fans crowded the stadium to watch this SEC showdown.

Quinshon Judkins and Ulysses Bentley opened up the scoring for the Rebels in the first quarter to put the team up 14-0. The Tigers answered with just 1:25 left on the clock; however, this was enough time for Ole Miss to score another touchdown, bringing the first quarter to an end at 21-7. I was fortunate enough to be at this game, and the stadium was electric.

Brother Rice alumnus Griffin Conners said, “Saturday was one of the most unreal experiences I have been a part of. The stadium was the most packed it’s ever been, and the atmosphere was unreal.”

LSU scored right away in the second quarter, but the Rebels were soon to follow, bringing the score to 28-14. The Tigers answered right away, and in the next drive for the Rebels, they could only get a field goal. LSU closed the half with one more touchdown, bringing the game to 31-28 Rebels.

One could feel all the nerves going into the second half at Vaught Hemingway. Fans were biting nails and holding their heads. LSU scored twice, and Ole Miss could only answer with one field goal. The third quarter finished- 42-34 LSU.

Quinshon Judkins scored immediately into the fourth quarter. Every Rebel fan in the stadium was going nuts, even though the Tigers were still up two points. LSU came back the next drive and scored again. The game was now 49-40 with eight minutes left, and the Tigers were up.

Before I knew it, I was right back out of my seat again, cheering after another Rebel touchdown, bringing the score to 49-47 LSU. Ole Miss devised a crucial stop with two minutes left to play. This led the Rebels to win the game because, shortly after, Ole Miss found the end zone again. LSU didn’t have enough time to answer, and the Rebels closed the game. Every single Ole Miss fan stormed the field after this stop, and I never saw anything like it.

Brother Rice junior Ryan Manfre said, “That could be one of the best college football games of the year.”