By Patrick Conroy ‘22

The debate of the century is “what is the best-frozen pizza?” Some say Tombstone, others Jack’s, but entering the freezer aisle, arises a new competitor from Massachusetts. From the enormous brand Barstool Sports, owner Dave Portnoy has released the frozen pizza to end all other frozen pizzas – the One Bite frozen pizza.

Pizza review king David Portnoy has tested over 700 pizzas from across the country. Dave has a firm understanding of what makes the perfect pizza. He has used this knowledge to create the perfect pizza for America. The back of the box reads, “I’ve tried over 1,000 slices, from Boston to New Haven, New York to Chicago, and even frozen pizzas.”

Dave is the perfect candidate for creating a pizza. He has had all types, from the best to the worst pizzas.

The problem occurs with the demand for pizza. Dave Portnoy, the well-known owner of Barstool Sports, extensively promoted the release of the pizza; he has only allowed the pizza to be sold at Walmart, creating exclusivity and high demand. This sent Americans flooding to Walmart stores across the country, dying to try the pizza. After traveling 72.2 miles to Antioch, Illinois to locate a One Bite Pizza, I, at last, found it.

After preheating the oven to 450 °F and waiting 12 minutes, I removed the pizza with an almost perfect-looking crust, just enough brown to make the crust with a perfectly crunchy crust. The pizza had a bit less cheese in some areas, which is the only negative I can think of. The cheese ended about a half-inch before the crust, leaving a small area of light sauce before the crust. If you are not a crust person, this pizza is not the one for you. Personally, I loved it.

Overall, the pizza was scrumptious, an outstanding frozen pizza for you and your friends. At a low cost of only $6.48, this is a pizza that deserves a perfect score of ten out of ten.