By Conor Glennon ‘20

Open house is probably the one and only time bragging to families about how great you are is allowed.

Around this time every year, Brother Rice hosts an open house for prospective families to come check out the school life. Families are lead on tours given by National Honors Society and Ambassador Club members.

On these tours, families make stops at educational tables that give incredible amounts of valuable information. This information helps people to grow a better understanding of what exactly it is that makes the Brother Rice family so special.

Every year the goal remains the same – to give insight on the tremendous opportunities of excellence that Brother Rice offers.

When asked about what giving tours to undecided families is like, senior Jack DeJarld said, “When I give my tours, I tend to focus on visiting each table so that the family can get a wide variety of valuable information.”

Tour guides receive a route sheet highlighting all the places that they should take the family.

Senior Nick Reidy said, “As a tour guide, the focus is really on the family. Whatever they wish to see is our main focus. It is up to us to provide the information that the family came to see.”

Senior NHS president Tom Crane said, “Overall, the open house had great success. I am very proud of my guys for working hard to give the families the best possible experience. They truly were exceptional.”