By Martin Loughney ‘20

For many students, including me, it is the most dreaded time of the year. No, it is not final exams; however, last Friday, Oct. 25, was parent-teacher conferences. The day that students dread, but many teachers long for, to get their revenge on the kids who have terrorized their class.

Fortunately enough for me, my parents did not attend parent-teacher conferences. My mom was in Ireland on Thursday, therefore couldn’t attend, and I purposely withheld the information from my dad.

This year, I didn’t have to worry about Coach Dunne telling my parents how many times he has caught me on my phone, or my favorite teacher, Ms. Pacetti (who is editing this article), telling them how much I talk in her class. But most of all, I am glad that my mom didn’t find out that I dropped math this year without telling her, even though I told her that I have an “A” in math.

My brothers, Michael and Patrick, are even more ecstatic. Michael doesn’t have to worry about being called out for being a menace to the school. Meanwhile, Patrick does not have to worry about my parents coming home yelling about his grades.

I remember the agony I would face every year after parent-teacher conferences, and I pity the ones who have to suffer this year. Senior Dan Hackett said, “My conferences were awful. Let’s just put it this way – I’m grounded for a week.”