By Cameron Slavin ‘23

On Friday, March 17, Brother Rice hosted a pep rally that congratulated the winter sports teams on their achievements and introduced the spring sports teams.

The pep rally began by congratulating sophomore state champion Bobby Conway. He entered the gym as he was announced by Principal Alberts, raising his bracket above his head while everyone cheered him on.

Conway said, “I liked the celebration, and I thought it was cool to be seen by my own school for my hard work. The feeling of excitement when I put the bracket up was as cool as finding $100 on the ground. If you set your goal high and achieve it, the aftermath just keeps getting better.”

After Conway’s celebration the 3-point contest followed. The contest consisted of senior Charlie Walsh, junior Cale Cosme, sophomore Marcos Gonzales, and freshman Joe Niego.

Gonzales and Niego faced off in the championship round, resulting in a Gonzales victory.

Gonzales said, “I was confident going into the competition that I was going to win. I know everyone had Cale winning, but once the first shot left my hands, I knew it was going to be hard for me to lose.”

Following the 3-point contest, there was the dunk contest with seniors Shauniel Nelson, Marcus Kennedy, Peter McShane, Michael Bos, and Nathan Kramer. Special guest Marquise Kennedy was a judge of the dunk contest. The championship was between Bos and McShane. Bos won the contest as he caught a lob from Kevin Lufrano and jumped over Nathan Kramer. Marquise Kennedy ‘19 said his return to Brother Rice felt good.

Kennedy said, “Rice is like another home for me and I like the new things the school is doing for social media and events. It’s fun and I’m glad I could be part of it.”

Lastly, there was the faculty vs. the students in a 5 on 5 matchup. Team Ivers beat the faculty team 20-13. Team Ivers member Jack Campbell won MVP. The game was ten minutes long and it seemed like the students were in control the whole game.

Senior Mick Arundel said, “It was awesome to be able to play. The faculty never stood a chance.”