By Frankie Mesec ‘20

I’ve been working since September with one goal in mind: to perform “The Twilight Zone” for the school.

Because of this stupid virus, I can’t do that, not at least as soon as I wanted.

It stinks. We’ve been working for months, only for a virus to just come in and move us back.

The show was supposed to be this week, probably when this article comes out, and now it’s not until really close to graduation.

It just stinks!

I have so many other projects I’m working on throughout the school year, like the Helping Hands project or jazz band. I have put most of my activities on hold to get the show ready.

I was hoping to be able to go back and work on my other activities next week, which I can’t do now since the virus moved the show.

I’ve been doing Drama Club for four years now, and something like this has never happened. It is sad because there is a small chance that I won’t be able to do the show or have to quit stuff to be in the show.

It feels like I’ve put in months of work for nothing. We were about to earn our reward for our work, and it was ripped away.

The only happy thought I have about the show is that it was postponed. At least we are still doing the show no matter what. As they say, “the show must go on.”

It’s not just me feeling depressed about the show being postponed. Everyone in the cast was ready to give it their all for the show. Now, they have to work for another month, possibly leaving clubs to stay in the show.

Even if we never got the virus, we are still affected by it. Many people did the show, thinking they can do spring sports. Now, it is hard to balance the show and our own lives.

There is some good to come from the show being postponed, though.

For one, I don’t have to stay at school until 10:00 p.m. all week, while also trying to finish homework. Having e-learning is a lot less stressful for me than tech week.

Another pro for being postponed is that we have time to improve and make the show better than it would have been this week. We weren’t the most prepared, since most of the cast was in another show or had other activities, so now we have more time with everyone to produce a better show.

I asked the cast and crew about how they felt about the show being postponed.

Seamus Quinn, the director, said, “It’s a setback but not one where we’d give up. We can persevere and push forward. It’s a bit of a relief because it gives us time to work out some issues.”

Natalie Chibe, a junior at McAuley, said, “I’m definitely upset about it, but I believe it’s being postponed for a good reason, and hopefully we can come back even more prepared and ready to put on a great show.”

Frank Biesiada, a freshman at Brother Rice, commented, “Well, I’m sad that we have to wait another month but that gives time for people to practice their lines even more.”

Senior Tyler Davros said, “Personally, it is a bit of a hardship. We put in a lot of work to give an amazing performance this upcoming weekend to family, friends, and to people of the Brother Rice community.”

He also added, “Besides all that, it is also a good thing. Each actor and crewmember is able to work out small kinks they may need to work on in order to produce a better show to everyone.”

The Drama Club is hopeful that this extension will be good in helping us improve our show. They may be all sad about the postponement, but are also hopeful it will bring upon a better product.