By Martin Murray ‘20

If you’re looking for an out-of-this-world food experience, look no further than Pluto’s, located near 104th and Cicero in Oak Lawn. Pluto’s is known as a hot dog restaurant, but to simply label them as so discounts the other mouthwatering foods on their menu.

The restaurant is like a portal to another planet, as the restaurant’s theme is outer space and sci-fi. The walls are decorated with inspirational sayings as well as pictures of rocket ships and astronauts. There are also toy lightsabers and spaceships hanging from the ceiling.

Pluto’s has amazing service. The staff takes care of their customers and is always polite when taking orders and serving food. I’ve seen multiple high school students work at Pluto’s. Many enjoy their experience, as it is usually their first job and a valuable experience to get in high school.

Pluto’s is famous for their top-tier hot dogs and beef sandwiches. They also have some hearty soups. Their soup is always fresh and full of goodness. It’s always the right way to start off a meal. Additionally, Pluto’s has some impressive sandwiches. Each sandwich is made perfectly and for a pretty good price. Pluto’s also has some awesome gyros. It comes with a considerable amount of meat on a large pita that will surely leave you full once you finish.

Senior Kevin O’Shea said, “I like Pluto’s for its ability to provide delicious food at a low cost that is also brought out to you within 3-5 minutes. My favorite meal at Pluto’s is their gyro because I believe they have the best gyros on the South Side.”

On my last trip to Pluto’s, I decided to order a pulled pork sandwich. I sat down in the middle of the restaurant, as it was right before the COVID-19 shutdown. I enjoyed watching the fine collection of entertainment Pluto’s offers on their two TVs, one for kids and one for adults. I enjoyed watching the cooking reality shows as I awaited my food.

A few minutes later, my food came out and instantly looked appealing. The meat was well cooked and the homemade BBQ sauce left a nice taste in my mouth. I finished up with a side of french fries and a refreshing pink lemonade.

Pluto’s is an incredible local restaurant with fantastic service and a nice variety in food selections. I will be shortly returning for some more tasty sandwiches and good times. While COVID-19 may be surging, Pluto’s is currently open for delivery and takeout. Please consider supporting this neighborhood business through these difficult circumstances.