By Luke Onoroto ‘20

One of the best clubs Bother Rice has to offer is the Politics Club. Moderated by Mr. Dolan, the club allows students of all levels of political knowledge and interest to come together and discuss anything relating to politics. The discussions cover a diverse group of topics ranging from local issues all the way to issues at an international level.

The club discussions are led by president Alex Macfarlane and vice president Henry Barsch, and while it does not have an official meeting schedule, one can pay attention to the daily announcements to know when it meets.

Senior Henry Barsch said, “Leading discussions is a great time; the members have so many different viewpoints, so it’s practically always interesting.”

The most recent meeting’s discussion topics included opinions on impeachment trials, Iowa caucus results, and the UK’s secession from the EU.

Senior Steven Walczak said, “The most recent meeting was definitely a great one, Such good topics aren’t always available depending on current events.”

I certainly enjoyed my first Politics Club meeting even as someone who is not very politically informed. The atmosphere was very welcoming and the conversations were quite informative.

Anyone who has not paid this great club a visit should give it a try, even if he knows nothing about politics.