By Frankie Mesec ‘20

I don’t get it. How are people getting so worked up about a chicken sandwich to the point of dying for one?

I had the new chicken sandwich from Popeyes, and I thought it was great. The taste was good, and I like how it was an actual chicken breast and not a frozen patty. The breast was juicy and savory; easily the best thing at Popeyes.

Compared to other chicken sandwich places, I would have to say this is about equal to or better than Chick-fil-a sandwich wise. I still would rather go to Chick-fil-a over Popeyes only for the Chick-fil-a waffle fries and homemade lemonade.

Everything at Chick-fil-a is better in my opinion. If you are just going for a better sandwich though, Popeyes is your best bet.

I’m not even including the non-fast food restaurants with their own homemade chicken sandwiches.

Now, I’m not trying to write a review on the sandwich. I’m here to talk about the drama with the sandwich.

There is a line a mile long for Popeyes just for this sandwich. There have been lawsuits and gun hold-ups when they sold out of the sandwich. Recently, someone even was stabbed for the sandwich and died.

WUSA9 wrote, “Police said 28-year old Kevin Davis got into an argument with a man waiting in line for a Popeye’s sandwich, and that Ricoh McClain stabbed Davis to death Nov. 4 after they both stepped outside.”

After trying the sandwich, I can say that it is good, but not good enough to be worth dying for. Just being a sandwich is enough to say it isn’t worth death. It’s not worth the hype it is getting.

About the topic, Christina Moynihan, a coworker at Brookfield Zoo who had the sandwich, said, ”I had the spicy sandwich, and I thought it was much better than other fast-food chain chicken sandwiches. But nothing is worth death when it comes to food.”

Shannon Ryan, another coworker at Brookfield Zoo who had the sandwich, said, “It was okay, but I think Chick-fil-a is way better.”

When asked about if she would kill or die over the sandwich, she said, “No, but I’d die for Chick-fil-a though.”

Seamus Quinn, a junior who never had the sandwich, said “It’s chicken. What’s the big deal?”

Esperanza Moran, a junior at Victoria Soto who has not had the sandwich, said, “I personally think it’s stupid because you’re taking another’s life…over a chicken sandwich.”

Overall, the general opinion of the matter is a disagreement with everyone thinking it is stupid that people are dying over a fast-food chicken sandwich. Sure, it’s good, but not worth death. Even if you had it or not, it still is stupid the lengths people go for the crazed sandwich.