By TJ Murphy ‘20

It’s spooky season, and that means haunted houses. Not everybody loves a good fright, but for those that do, Midnight Terror in Oak Lawn is a great place for you!

When I first pulled up on 111th and Central, I was a little confused about where I could park, but I was eventually able to figure it out. Almost everything from that point on was smooth sailing.

Some friends and I paid for our tickets, costing us $27 a piece, which is fairly cheap for a good haunted house. The line was pretty long and we ended up waiting about 30 minutes, which would have bothered me if there weren’t amazingly scary actors outside while in line.

My first thought when I walked inside was how much attention to detail there was. All the little features put together made it a much scarier atmosphere. There was also a lot of attention put into the costumes and makeup that made the characters much more realistic.

The actors themselves were outstanding. They were able to scare the pants off me while still being polite and not breaking character. There was a group of young children ahead of us and we were able to see that the actors were able to know when was too much and when they needed to tone it down.

The sounds were very frightening and realistic, but the lighting was a bit too flashy and it gave me a headache. This was slightly annoying, but it was manageable because the jumpscares kept distracting me from it. The setup had a lot of bends and corners, so there were plenty of opportunities for jumpscares and the route was never boring.

My favorite part about this haunted house was definitely the interactions with the actors while waiting in line. It was scary but also a lot of fun. Overall I would rate this haunted house an 8 out of 10; I had a blast with my friends and I was scared out of my mind during some parts, but like most things, it wasn’t perfect.