By Josh Sutker ‘23

Prom. As seniors, it is the final, commemorative event that allows us to look back on the joy that has fulfilled our high school years.

Being a guy during prom is very demanding. You get bossed around and have basically zero freedom when it comes to what you will be wearing.

Prom season is no joke, and I am sure that your parents have been yelling at you. Mom is running around trying to make sure your date has her flowers. Dad is calling the tuxedo shop to make sure you got the correct shade of red… and I am playing 2k on my Playstation.

My date told me that she is wearing a bright red dress with black shoes; so, I don’t know why my mom is ordering purple petunias.

My dad took me to get fitted for my tuxedo, but the place didn’t have the color I wanted to wear. I just went with a black tux and a red tie. Plain and simple.

Everyone has nerves jumping out of their skin leading up to the big day. It is the one day to look your very best next to your date. Everything must be perfect.

Everything seems to be going good until my dad said, “So what time are we leaving? Mom and I are going to drive you up to the Hilton in the station wagon.”

My mind starts racing. What would happen if I was dropped off at PROM by my mom and dad? I don’t know how to tell them no.

Everything could be ruined, until a spark comes to my mind. I’m going to borrow grandpa’s old Corvette!

That’s how to pull up in style.

We enter the Hilton and everyone is dancing and eating steak. It is everything that I have ever imagined from my extensive research of 80’s movies.