By Charlie Fitzgerald ‘20

A two week stay-at-home order from Governor Pritzker.

Some high school seniors would be devastated not being able to spend their last few months where they’ve practically matured. Not me. I’ve been able to make the most out of my time and watch some classics on Netflix. My personal favorite, “Step Brothers”, has been streamed at least three times a week in my house.

“Being at home kind of stinks,” said my brother Dan. “These streaming platforms have really helped me escape complete boredom.”

“Step Brothers” is a great movie featuring Will Ferrell and Brother Rice legend John C. Reilly. I love how the movie shows the irony of adults who act like children and they don’t even know it’s something weird.

My brother Joe also loves the movie and compared it to another classic film: “The comedy reminds me of ‘Dumb and Dumber’, where two actors portray simple-minded characters for the audience’s pleasure.”

“Step Brothers” takes many realistic settings, like a family dinner, and turns them comedic. A friend of mine, James Littleton, suggested this movie to me.

“John C. Reilly, being a Brother Rice grad, really intrigued me in the film. Since then, I’ve been watching it regularly and still uncontrollably laugh every time.”

Now that I’m older, I’ve been able to watch this with my dad, who first saw it in theaters when it debuted in 2008: “I remember that tickets were only $3.50 and I got popcorn for a dollar. The movie had me laughing from the start, especially when they talked about the TV show ‘Cops’.”

I would definitely recommend this movie to any child or adult mature enough to handle the humor and vulgarity of the film. The movie shows some sexual scenes, but it is all in good humor and it’s not too inappropriate.

“Step Brothers” is among many other movies that I’ve streamed thanks to Netflix’s fast and easy downloads.