By George Raphael-McElroy ‘23

This past Friday Brother Rice hosted their annual Rice Relays track and field event. It was a great day all around for each event.

Senior Marcus Kennedy put everything he had on the line for the “Running Ugly” Crusaders. Kennedy finished first in the high jump, second for the long jump, and third in the triple jump. Kennedy even attempted a meet record in the high jump and almost had it but fell short.

Preparing for things like that where you only get one chance to complete, it could sure shake you up a bit and make you nervous.

“Before I attempt a jump, I control my breathing to let all of my nerves out, and I tell myself to stay focused, be confident, and enjoy the flight,” said Marcus Kennedy.

The other events were also fought hard by our Crusaders. Jake Dugger finished fourth in the long jump and freshman Emeir White finished fifth in the high jump.

Personal bests on the day include Emeir White’s high jump, Khalil Cole’s long jump, Danny White’s triple jump, Jake Maheras’s triple jump, Brendan Jackson’s shot put and discus throw, Charlie Mendez’s discus throw, and Matt Pikus’s shot put.

In a sport like track, team energy means everything. Just like most sports, if your team is in high spirits and having fun, you will too.

Senior Jake Maheras said, “My teammates’ success always brings out the best in me. When I see my teammates hit a PR or have fun it’s infectious. Track is fun when everyone is having fun.”