By Nicholas Currier ‘20

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s flying cars playing soccer?

Rocket League is a video game with a twist. You play soccer but as a car! Each car has a rocket engine and can use boosts to go faster or fly.

Rocket League was developed and published by a company called Psyonix back in 2015. I was lucky enough that my older brother had played the game early on and recommended it to me.

It soon became my favorite game.

I played day and night to get better. My brother would play with me and soon I was outscoring not just him, but the other team, too. After taking a break from the game, players have evolved. Reactions are quicker, more people fly across the field, and goals are being scored from upside-down flying cars with 0 seconds left in the game.

After seeing what I had come back to after leaving the game, I instantly wanted to get better again so that I could do some of the amazing tricks that I see happen in games and on Youtube.

I am amazed at how popular the game has been since 2015 and it is certainly not stopping there! There are updates that keep making the game fun and new all the time.

I have been more of a Call of Duty or Mario Bros player, but I would recommend this game to anyone and everyone. This game is rated “E” for everyone and it is fun for all ages.

With quarantine going on, many friends of mine have started playing together again and this is one of our favorite games to play together. We scream and shout at every amazing goal and save.

The best part of the game may be the adrenaline rush from making a play of the game, being able to play with friends, or just enjoying the time you have to feel like a kid again.