By Conor Glennon ‘20

Around the halls, Sean Joyce might be known as the giant kid that towers over the rest. In the classroom, he may be known as an intelligent being. On the court, Joyce is a humble leader.

Sean Joyce is a four year member of the Crusader basketball team. This year, as a senior, a new role was placed upon him. Joyce is somebody who comes into practice every day and gets his work done. As he has seen his playing time go up and down throughout the course of the season, he has never complained. He always does whatever is asked of him. He makes his teammates better and brings a natural positive energy to practice.

Joyce said, “Brother Rice basketball tradition is centered on toughness, effort and teamwork.” Brother Rice basketball is bigger than just one individual person. Instead, Joyce said, “Ultimately, it’s about becoming the best you can be to better your team.”

Joyce remains ready to make the most of his opportunities. He understands his role: “Knowing your role requires patience and selflessness.”

Patience can often be difficult for most people, but Joyce has displayed incredible maturity. He said, “My purpose has always remained the same: do what is best for Brother Rice.”

Joyce truly is a winner. He said, “When called upon, I focus on doing what I am asked from my teammates and coaches. I try to magnify my strengths on the outcome of the game.”

Sure, Joyce may not receive much publicity after a big win, but he sure is a key piece to all of the team’s success.